Bygglovsprocessen på Engelska
The process for building permit in English


Bygglovsprocessen förtydligas på engelska

Fler och fler av våra kunder är engelsktalande och därför har vi tagit fram en sammanfattning hur bygglovsprocessen fungerar på engelska. Har du några frågor eller funderingar kan du alltid ringa oss!

The process - Step by Step

1. Contact your municipality

In order to find out in the simplest and fastest way what opportunities you have for your particular property, you need to contact the municipality. Today, many municipalities have specific telephone or visiting hours. You can find this on their website.

You need to bring simpler sketches and measurements to be able to provide the correct information to the municipality’s building permit officer. You will, together with the building permit officer, go through the detailed plan for your property and other city plans. Here are some details that are good to look through before you visit the municipality:

Will the extension or extension be larger than 15 sqm? Read more about the building regulations for cottages (attefallshus).

Do you have neighbors who have done similar projects before?

Do the new parts end up closer than 4.5 meters from the plot boundary?

Who will carry out the project, an entrepreneur or yourself?

Expect at least 10 weeks of processing time when you draw up your schedule.

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2. Building permit application with drawings (Bygglovsansökan)

When you know exactly what you have in mind for the project, size and design, you can contact an architectural firm or an engineering firm that prepares building permit drawings! The most important drawings that need to be included in a building permit application:


  • Floor plan
  • Facade drawing
  • Ground planning drawing
  • Floor plan
  • Sectional drawing
  • Situation plan


Other documents that should also be included in a building permit application:


  • Project description
  • Control plan
  • 3D drawings


During the period March to August, there is a very high pressure on the country’s various building committees. Expect that during these months it may be longer than 10 weeks processing time. The application is processed in chronological order, it is a common misconception that the size of the project determines the processing time.

3. Building permit decision (Beslut om bygglov)

Now the building permit decision has been made. Remember that you may not start your project until four (4) weeks after the building permit decision has been published in a newspaper named Post- och Inrikes Tidningar.


The building permit decision states what conditions you must meet to start with the project. For example, a technical consultation is very often required. The building permit decision also states the cost of the building permit as well as contact information and other important information for you as the client.

4. Technical consultation (Tekniskt samråd)

The municipality calls for a technical consultation if it is necessary for the project. The conditions for requiring a technical consultation are as follows:


  • a control manager is required for the building permit
  • such consultation is not manifestly unnecessary
  • the developer himself has requested such consultation


The invitation states which documents you need to prepare for the meeting. The technical consultation is usually held at the workplace. Documents usually required for the technical consultation are as follows:


  • Construction drawings and static calculations
  • Technical description that must be completed and complete
  • Installation drawings that have been designed (mainly applies to electrical & plumbing)


During the technical consultation, the municipality and the control manager go through the following:


  • How the work is to be carried out
  • Which organizations are involved in the project
  • Review of the control plan
  • Other documents that the client has produced prior to the technical consultation
  • Review of hazardous waste / demolition plans that may affect the project
  • Planning for future workplace visits
  • Establishment of a completion protection between the client and the contractor
  • The need for demarcation before or after the project
  • Additional inspections that need to be carried out by other bodies
  • The need for additional documents that need to be supplemented before a start notice


During the technical consultation, a decision is made as to whether or not a workplace visit is required during the project.

5. Workplace visits (Arbetsplatsbesök)

Usually, the building committee must visit the workplace at least once and have documentation about the visit. The workplace visit is decided during the technical consultation.


In order for a workplace visit to be required, two points must be met:


  • A start notice has been required before the technical consultation
  • The Building Board does not consider that workplace visits are unnecessary

The building committee and the person responsible for inspection must be present at the workplace visit, it is also good if the client is present, but this is not a requirement. The Building Board has the right to gain access to properties and buildings in order to carry out a workplace visit. The Police Authority can also be present to assist with assistance when needed.


During the workplace visit, the following is checked:


  • If the control plan and the building permit are followed
  • If the control manager is present and active to a sufficient extent
  • That nothing is clearly contrary to the building regulations


The workplace visit should be seen as an audit and should not be counted as an inspection.

If the building committee discovers serious deficiencies or deviations from current legislation, decisions in the building permit matter or the control plan, it shall be called for a consultation as soon as possible. During the consultation, the measures that need to be taken to be able to continue with the project are discussed. If the deviations are large, the building committee also needs to decide on changes to the start notice.

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Vi har samlat en topplista med de bästa sommarmöbler till ett schysst pris! Flera av dessa har många tusen recensioner och gratis hemleverans!

6. Final message (Slutbesked)

For all measures covered by a start notice, a final notice is also required. The final decision is the last step before the building authority can be taken into use. Taking into use means that you start living or using the building as it is intended to be used. According to previous rulings, moving furniture is not enough for the building to be considered in use, you must have spent the night in the building.


In order to obtain a final decision, the control plan needs to be completed by the control manager and he or she needs to make a statement that the project is considered complete. All conditions that have been stated earlier in the building permit must be met. Sometimes final consultations can take place at the workplace and this is then coordinated with the controls for the final decision. Current legislation regarding energy management can lead to a final final decision not being issued until two (2) years after completion. A so-called ”interim final decision” is then drawn up pending the final decision. The client must meet the remaining conditions as soon as possible in order to receive a final final decision. Today, banks are very careful to obtain a final decision to activate the mortgage.


If the project is large and complex, a final decision can be obtained in several stages. This is most common in the construction of apartment buildings and commercial premises.

Schedule (Tidplan)

There are very many who misjudge how long the building permit process really takes. It is extremely important not to be in a hurry when producing building permit drawings or submitting the building permit application. By spending a little more time and money on building permit drawings, the whole process will be more profitable in the long run.


For building permit drawings, the delivery time is approximately two (2) weeks. This depends on how many other projects are running at the same time at the relevant architectural firm and other influencing factors such as holiday periods. What plays a big role is also how clear you as a client are and how quickly you give feedback to the architect. When the project is started up, the architect will provide an estimated schedule for your particular project. By the way, did you know that you do not have to be an architectural firm to produce architectural drawings?


When your building permit drawings are ready, it is time to fill in a building permit application and send it to the municipality. Today, many municipalities use various electronic services (E-services) when processing building permit applications. It is recommended to use this because the processing then goes faster and you can follow your case via the E-service.


According to the Planning and Building Act, the building committee has 10 weeks to process your case and submit a notice of approval or rejection. In the meantime, the building committee may require certain additions. It may be the architect who has missed a few minor things. All our packages include any additions to drawings that we have delivered in the fixed price. Keep in mind that it may take a few more weeks before the building committee looks at your case after you have submitted the supplement. Also do not forget that if the architect needs to adjust something on the drawings, this can take a few days, even for you with small changes. LT Ingenjörsbyrå works with most projects in parallel and can therefore not always take on additions immediately. We make sure that it is always the same person who helps you through the entire building permit process.

Laws and plans that are governing (Lagar och förordningar)

What you are allowed to build on your plot, what it may look like and what requirements there are on the inside of buildings are governed by the following swedish laws, ordinances and general guidelines:


  • PBL, Planning and Building Act
  • KML, Cultural Environment Act
  • PBF, Planning and Building Ordinance
  • BBR, the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s building regulations
  • BKR, The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s construction rules
  • BVF, Ordinance on technical properties of buildings etc.
  • BÄR, The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s amendment council


The basic technical property requirements set out in the PBL:


  • Load-bearing capacity, stability and durability
  • Safety in case of fire
  • Protection against consideration for hygiene, health and the environment
  • Safety during use
  • Noise protection
  • Energy management and thermal insulation
  • Suitability for the intended purpose
  • Accessibility and usability for people with reduced mobility and orientation
  • Housekeeping with water and waste


It is very important to think about the scope of the project. For smaller projects, the building committee will only set the new requirements for the additional area. If the project is extensive, the building committee can assess that the current rules should also be applied to the existing building parts.

Plans that regulate - Detailed plan (Detaljplan)

Detailed plans and area regulations are rules that govern how an area is to be designed. You should always contact your municipality and ask to look at the detailed plan that is relevant for your particular property. From the detailed plan you can, for example, read:


  • How big the buildings on the property may be
  • How close to the plot boundary you may build
  • If there are pipes or other areas that may not be built on
  • What appearances for roof and facade are governing for the area


Building permit administrators can make minor deviations from the detailed plan when they make an assessment of your building permit application. However, the measure must still fulfill the purpose of the plan.


For those who live outside the detailed planning area or cohesive buildings, other rules apply. Contact your municipality to find out what applies to your particular property.

Drawings and documents (Bygglovsritningar och dokument)

In order for the municipality to be able to make an assessment and gain an understanding of what you want to build, you must always submit building permit drawings. Building permit drawings are the basis for the entire project, from idea to completion. Read more about building permit drawings here.

Costs and tariffs (Kostnader och taxor)

There are several different costs that arise during the building permit process. What you can do to save both time and money is to hire a good architectural firm that has great knowledge and experience of how the process works.


The municipality’s costs can be divided on the following two grounds:


  • Processing cost
  • New construction map


The consulting company can work with fixed prices for all building permit drawings or at current hourly rates. When you receive a quote for drawing up building permit drawings, it is primarily salary costs that the quote consists of. The bigger the company, the more expensive the office and the more experienced architect – the more expensive the quote will be.

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